The İzmir Metropolitan Municipality inaugurated the Çiğli Tramway, whose foundation was laid three years ago, in a ceremony attended by tens of thousands of İzmir residents. The first passenger on the Çiğli Tram's journey was Mayor Soyer. Speaking on the pride day of İzmir, Mayor Tunç Soyer said, "Today is a day of shame for those who take 40 from İzmir and give back 1; and a day of pride for those who manage to make giant investments despite the odds." Mayor Soyer announced that Çiğli Tram services would be free until February 19.

Aligned with the vision articulated by Mayor Tunç Soyer of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, who declared, "We will interlace İzmir with a network of iron" the Çiğli Tramway has commenced operations in a city where three rail system investments are concurrently in progress. Connecting Karşıyaka and Çiğli to ease the vehicle traffic in the region, the Çiğli Tramway embarked on its journey in a ceremony attended by tens of thousands of İzmir residents. After the opening ceremony at the Çiğli EVKA-5 Junction, beloved artist Can Bonomo gave a concert.

President Soyer attended the initial ride
Tunç Soyer, the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, participated in the first journey by boarding the Çiğli Tram from the Karşıyaka Tram Workshop point and arrived at the ceremony area. The ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Çiğli, Utku Gümrükçü, İzmir deputies, district mayors, representatives of political parties, associations, chambers, non-governmental organizations, neighborhood headmen, and bureaucrats. The ceremony kicked off with a video presentation introducing the Çiğli Tram.

"Today is the day when the people of Izmir reclaim what is rightfully theirs,"
Tunç Soyer, the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, on the pride day of Izmir. "Today is the day of Izmir standing tall against any injustice, demagoguery, and bigotry. It is the day when the people of Izmir, who have been treated as stepchildren for always casting their votes in favor of democracy, secularism, and Atatürk, tearfully reclaim their rights. Today is the day of the 4.5 million people who, despite the pandemic, disasters, and economic crises, unite with love for Izmir. It is a day of shame for those who take 40 from Izmir and give back 1, but a day of pride for those who, against all odds, manage to make significant investments. Today is the day when the fruits of our labor-protected service approach in Izmir bear witness, not the interest-protected deposit accounts of others. We promised to weave Izmir with iron networks. Today, we experience the just pride and excitement of keeping our promise to the people of Izmir. May the Çiğli Tram bring goodness and prosperity to our city," he said.

"When we said, 'We will weave Izmir with iron networks,' there were those who didn't believe us"
President Soyer recalled, "I remember it as if it were yesterday. Five years ago, when we said, 'We will weave Izmir with iron networks,' there were those who didn't believe us. Some said, 'They are selling dreams, the ones before couldn't do it. They can't do it as well.' But, we did it. They said, 'They can't find the money,' but we found it. They said, 'They can't even sew their own button, give Izmir to us', but as always, they forgot. They forgot that we are the descendants of Mustafa Kemal. Lovely people of Izmir, no obstacle can surpass our dedication to this city. They tried to bury us and forgot that we are seeds. We always thrived. From where they thought we collapsed, we always rose and stood tall. We are the descendants of Kuvayi Milliye, those who sacrificed their lives for these lands. We are Yörük Ali Efe, Börklüce Mustafa, Hasan Tahsin," he stated.

Izmir received a 41 billion worth rail system investment in 5 years
Stating that there has been no metro investment by the Ministry of Transportation in Izmir, Mayor Soyer said, "In just my 5-year term, we have been making a 1.235 billion euro rail system investment in Izmir, which is approximately 41 billion Turkish liras at today's value. Moreover, all of this was not achieved by our municipality alone in Izmir. Republican People's Party (CHP) municipalities wrote a local governance saga in all our municipalities including Istanbul, Ankara, and Eskişehir. In a short period of 5 years, we built subways and roads. Together, all 11 metropolitan municipalities resurrected social municipal services hand in hand. So, how much central government-approved rail system investment did Izmir get in these five years? Not 3 billion liras. Not 3 million liras. Not 300,000 liras. Not even 30,000 liras. Only 3,000 liras, my brothers and sisters. 3,000 liras, 3,000! We know that at this very moment, 10 years ago, in 2014, they are now trying to open the city hospital whose foundation they halfheartedly laid. Moreover, they do this with a system that guarantees the Treasury, shifts all the risks and losses onto the shoulders of the people, and enriches the wealth of the 5-member gangs. After leaving this country without youth, engineers, and doctors, after destroying future dreams and alienating people, whether you build a building or not, it doesn't matter."

“Izmir residents won't fall for this trick”
Continuing his words by saying, "You take forty from Izmir and give back one," Mayor Soyer stated, "You even present the one you give as if it's a favor to the people of this city. No one should take offense, but Izmir residents won't fall for this trick. For years, you kept coming back to Izmir. You claimed to have built the Gördes Dam and brought water to Izmir. However, you made Izmir pay for it through IZSU (Izmir Water and Sewerage Administration), Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, in other words, the people of Izmir. With the taxes of Izmir residents, you enriched the contractor of the Gördes Dam, which has a cracked foundation and doesn't hold water. Meanwhile, Izmir continues to make payments to the State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) for the dam that still hasn't provided the promised water."

“A dazzling investment of 183 million euros”
President Soyer also stated, "Today is one of the turning points in the history of Izmir. We are cutting the ribbon of the Çiğli Tramway, a dazzling investment of 183 million euros that we have brought to Izmir. We initiated the construction of the tram during our term, and we have completed it within our term. We took over the Narlıdere Metro from the previous term at a 12% level, and we completed it 100%. In a few weeks, we will be together again to open the Narlıdere Metro with an investment of 287 million euros as a gift for the centennial of our Republic. We announced that the metro would come to Buca. We are delivering on that promise. On January 9th, in Buca, we lowered the tunnel boring machines, referred to as the 'giant mole,' into the ground. We are continuing at full speed the construction of the Buca Subway, which is the largest rail system project in the history of Izmir, with an investment of 765 million euros. In every part, every meter, every step of this major rail system investment, there are traces of the sweat of the people, not the palace. There is no favoritism or profiteering in front of our investments. There is unity, there is solidarity. This square is not for the greedy and the incompetent. It is the square of those who fight with their strength, intelligence, and conscience. There is no theft or wrongdoing at the foundation of this tram. There is honesty and courage. There is no favoritism or profiteering ahead of our investments. There is unity, there is solidarity. This square is not for the greedy and the incompetent. It is the square of those who fight with their strength, intelligence, and conscience. It is the square of those who fight with their strength, intelligence, and conscience."

"Trial runs are free until February 19th."
Providing information about the Çiğli Tramway, Mayor Soyer said:

"This project, our Çiğli Tramway, marks the 100th anniversary of our Republic and includes a total of 14 stops covering a distance of 12 kilometers. With the connection to the existing tram line in Karşıyaka, we will safely transport 100,000 people in Izmir daily with the Çiğli Tramway. The trial runs of our metro, which will continue until February 19th, will provide free service to all passengers. In 5 years, we brought the biggest investments in the history of Izmir to the city without taking a penny from anyone's pocket, without wasting a single penny of public funds. I am proud to complete our rail system revolutions, turning points in Izmir's history, within my term of office. On this historic day, I promise once again in your presence. With your appreciation, with the love for Izmir until my last breath, I will continue to serve this beautiful city. I have never allowed passage to the corrupt who seek to steal from Izmir, to those who view Izmir as plunder, and to the sycophants who disrespect this city's character and loyalty to the republic. I will not allow it. Izmir once again adorns the dreams of waylayers trying to empty the people's pockets and fill their wallets. I am ready to confront them face to face, just as I have been until today, and I will continue to do so in the future! Are you willing to stand with me in resistance? Are you ready to strengthen Izmir as a beacon of democracy, prosperity, brotherhood, and peace for this country? Are you ready for a more hopeful and enthusiastic journey together? The Çiğli Tramway is one of the most beautiful works of our determination here. May our Çiğli Tramway, Izmir's newest rail system line, be a blessed gift to 4.5 million Izmir residents and all of Izmir. Forever democracy. Forever the Republic. Forever Izmir."

We appreciate you, Mayor Soyer
Expressing that the people of Çiğli have been eagerly awaiting the tram for years, Çiğli Mayor Utku Gümrükçü stated, "I would like to thank our Mayor and the personnel of the Metropolitan Municipality. The tram is not just an affordable, eco-friendly means of transportation for Çiğli; it is an innovative vehicle. We had promised to connect Çiğli to the sea, and now the tram descends towards the sea from a bridge. Çiğli residents will be able to reach the sea both by walking and cycling. For us, the tram means square, street, and sea. The tram comes with many advantages. With the tram, Çiğli is now in the heart of Izmir. We can say that Çiğli is a metropolitan district. As the people of Çiğli, we appreciate you, Mayor Soyer."

What happened during the process of connecting Karşıyaka and Çiğli? 
The foundation of the Çiğli Tramway was laid in 2021. As part of the construction of the 12-kilometer route consisting of 14 stops, a 750-meter viaduct connecting Karşıyaka and Çiğli, including a bicycle path, was also added for the people of Izmir. Semra Aksu Avenue, where the integration with IZBAN passengers will take place, was pedestrianized. The tram line will serve Ata Industrial Zone, Çiğli State Hospital, Katip Çelebi University, and Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone. The connection of the Çiğli Tram Line with the Karşıyaka line was established at the Karya Junction. The route will proceed from the viaduct to the Ekol Junction, and then towards Atatürk Avenue. From Atatürk Avenue to Semra Aksu Avenue, then to Eski Havaalanı Avenue and Doğa Koleji Junction, continuing through Çiğli State Hospital and Ata Industrial Zone, it will reach the Evka-5 Junction. From there, it will reach the Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone. The line, reaching Katip Çelebi University within AOSB, will continue within AOSB, passing through Nazım Hikmet Ran Avenue and returning to the Ekol Junction to complete its loop. The Çiğli Tramway will bring relief to the region, ease traffic, and facilitate transportation to hospitals, universities, and industries in the area.


The Çiğli Tramway is in service

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