Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer wrote an article on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Republic. Congratulating the people of Izmir on their Republic Day, Mayor Soyer stated that the Republic means hope for the oppressed people of the world today. Soyer said, “Today, in Palestine and other parts of the world, it is once again the Republic that extends its hand to support oppressed nations in difficult times. That’s why we will remember, commemorate, and celebrate the 100th anniversary of our Republic with pride and honor in Izmir.”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer included the following statements in the article he wrote on the occasion of October 29 Republic Day:

“This year, we are experiencing the great honor and excitement of celebrating the 100th anniversary of our Republic together with our 86 million citizens.

We, the people of Izmir, the people of a city that was occupied for three and a half years during the struggle for independence, know very well the value and meaning of the Republic.

As we commemorate our ancestors who fought against great powers and defended their country at all costs after a decade-long war and a period of scarcity, we express our gratitude and appreciation on the 100th anniversary of our Republic.

The establishment of the Republic not only showed the whole world that sovereignty in these lands is in the hands of the nation unconditionally. The Republic of Turkey, which gained its independence as a result of the struggle for independence, became a source of inspiration to all oppressed nations. It is impossible not to commemorate this work of humanity, whose impact reaches far beyond its own geography on its 100th anniversary.

Today, it is the Republic that holds the hand of oppressed nations in their difficult times in Palestine and other parts of the world.

That’s why we will remember, commemorate, and celebrate the 100th anniversary of our Republic with pride and honor in Izmir.

We will say this to those who discuss the achievements and values ​​of our Republic in a way that divides society...

We are grateful for the tens of thousands who came from all corners of Anatolia, standing shoulder to shoulder to defend their homeland during the struggle for independence.

We are grateful for the presence of those who sacrificed themselves for this homeland in Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Sakarya Plain, and Izmir.

They are the ones who bring hope to the oppressed peoples of the world.

They are the ones who made the Republic possible!

Our hundred-year-old Republic has three great meanings for us.

Republic means that sovereignty belongs unconditionally to our nation.

Our Republic means the liberation of women and the equality of men and women.

And Republic means our economic independence.

In order to keep this great work alive, we cannot be satisfied with commemorating it for just one day.

With this effort in Izmir, we are taking concrete steps to strengthen our Republic in all areas.

For us, sovereignty unconditionally belonging to the nation is not just about going to the polls every five years.

The unconditional sovereignty of the nation is only possible with a democracy that has permeated every moment of life.

Izmir has been managed with this principle and spirit for about five years, and we have been creating concrete tools and opportunities for the people of Izmir to participate directly in decision-making mechanisms.

These opportunities cover not only our fellow citizens who have the right to vote but also children, youth, and nature who do not have the right to vote at the ballot box. Because democracy belongs to everyone, not just those with the loudest voices.

The Republic is the shelter of the outcasts.

This is why we established Izmir’s Children’s Municipality and Youth Municipality.

That’s why our City Council and the assemblies within it are our guide.

For this reason, every neighborhood head in Izmir is my and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality’s most valuable guide.

Women are one of the leading carriers of our republican civilization. We need equality between women and men in every aspect of the social division of labor. Because systems where women are not equal are bound to collapse sooner or later, and societies that do not respect women’s rights are bound to collapse sooner or later.

We are working with all our might to remove all the obstacles in front of the women of Izmir. We cherish their rightful demand for equality.

Ultimately, the Republic is a mobilization for economic independence.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk designed two fundamental strategies to build the Republic: the first was the strategy of liberation, and the second was the strategy of establishment.

He began implementing the strategy leading to liberation with the Amasya Circular. Atatürk meticulously crafted this process through the Erzurum and Sivas Congresses, culminating in the establishment of the Grand National Assembly in Ankara on April 23, 1920.

He charted the path to economic independence and establishment in İzmir during the Economic Congress, where farmers, workers, industrialists, and traders from every region of the country came together. The unquestionably strongest leader of his time’s recognition of collective wisdom and common conscience, in my opinion, is the greatest legacy that has been passed down from these historical events to the present day.

In March of the past year, we experienced the pride of embracing the economic legacy that constitutes the cornerstone of the Republic. After a long preparation process spanning eight months, we came together during the Economic Congress of the Second Century from March 15 to 21. We made significant decisions concerning the economic horizon of Future Turkey, along with today’s farmers, workers, industrialists, and traders. Because we know this very well...

The future is not expected; it is built.

Atatürk’s words expressed during the opening of the Izmir Economic Congress, “in a time when singularity prevails,” are so precious for us to find our direction during this challenging period:

“Friends, you come directly from within the social classes that make up our nation. Therefore, you know the state, needs, aspirations, and sorrows of our country and our people better than anyone else. The words you speak are accepted as if they were spoken in the language of the people. This is the greatest truth.

The voice of the people is the voice of justice.”

That’s why the Republic, above all, means democracy. It is a humane and just way of life.

Republic is the rule of law. It is the guarantee of women’s freedom. It is respect for everyone’s way of life. It is equality of opportunity.

Republic is the concept we need most in the world today. “Peace at home, peace in the world!” means.

The Republic is to be a society that establishes civilizations. It is to understand the spirit of the past and direct the spirit of the future.

We have values ​​that unite us rather than the reasons that separate us.

The Republic is to protect these values. It is to keep them alive without making any compromises.

We will achieve this with 86 million people joining hands, standing shoulder to shoulder, with great enthusiasm and determination.

This great need may have arisen in a very dishonorable nature.

There may be those who hope to benefit from our polarization.

None of these can deter us. No one can turn us back from the hundred-year Republic journey.

Long live democracy and peace.

Long live the Republic of Türkiye!”


100th anniversary message from Mayor Soyer

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