Since the day I became the Mayor of Izmir, I have had a dream for the city. It is to increase the welfare of this city and ensure the fair distribution of prosperity. This belief stems from the understanding that without a just distribution of prosperity at the base of society, the concept of a strong democracy remains elusive. Our focus lies not in further enriching a select few, but in ensuring the balanced progress of all sections of society. This principle, in essence, lays the groundwork for economic democracy.

Izmir, situated in the westernmost part of Anatolia, is an 8500-year-old port city that has acted as a bridge between the East and West throughout the ages. Positioned at the crossroads of the Silk Road, spanning from China to all of Asia, and the Mediterranean Trade Routes, Izmir has long been a hub of global trade and economic activity. It has played a pivotal role in the Mediterranean, facilitating the movement of goods from the East to the West and vice versa. Presently, our city continues to hold a prominent position as one of the key ports in the Mediterranean. In our efforts to enhance the prosperity of Izmir, we are dedicated to preserving the essence of our city as a port city, striving to advance Izmir's maritime trade and build upon this rich legacy.

Fair Izmir, a source of immense pride for our city, represents not only a century-long legacy of the Republic but also our strongest instrument for expanding the prosperity and justice of Izmir. Each exhibition we host breathes life into our economy, bringing joy to our residents. Fair Izmir, where Izmir engages with the global community, tirelessly serves millions in our city, thanks to the dedicated endeavors of our municipal company, IZFAS.

Generating income from tourism stands as a crucial component in addressing Türkiye's current account deficit. However, we have come to realize that relying solely on the conventional beach, sun, and all-inclusive luxury resort approach falls short in increasing Izmir's prosperity. Hence, we formulated the 2020-2024 Tourism Strategy, which centers on agriculture, gastronomy, history, and eco-tourism. We set a target of attracting 4 million tourists to Izmir. It proud us to witness a notable increase in Izmir's contribution to the tourism sector during this period.

In our endeavors to boost Izmir's prosperity, IzDoğa Tourism takes a leading role among our organizations dedicated to increasing the tourism potential of our city. This agency places a strong emphasis on safeguarding all the unique features in Izmir and its environment, encompassing both the natural and cultural heritage, and how they positively impact the city's economy. In order to contribute to the development of a perception of harmonious with nature and conscious tourism at both local and national levels, we create tours and routes appealing to individuals of all ages, thereby changing the perception of tourism in Izmir.

One of the fundamental principles of our efforts to increase the prosperity of our city is also to preserve its nature. Without preserving the ecosystem, achieving long-lasting economic development is unattainable. As we emphasized at the Congress for Future’s Economy, there exists a profound connection between the economy and ecology. Guided by our "Another Agriculture is Possible" philosophy, we are implementing the Izmir Agriculture program within this framework. In 2021, we inaugurated the Izmir Agriculture Development Center (IZTAM) in Sasalı village, located in Çiğli district, dedicated to conducting agricultural planning studies. This institution serves as a platform for reevaluating the guidelines and path of agricultural strategic planning. Through the Izmir Agriculture initiative, we prioritize promote products of strategic importance that boast significant economic value and require minimal water consumption.

We are delighted to reintroduce Şaşal Water (Şaşal Su), significant monument of the Republic, to our city in September 2023. Regrettably, this invaluable symbol of Izmir had remained inactive for an extended period. As the first step of our “100 Projects Campaign in the 100th year of our Republic”, Şaşal Water Factory, restored by our municipal company IzDoğa, was reopened for the service of the residents of Izmir. Our factory currently provides around 3.5 million liters of water to our citizens on a monthly basis.

To foster a circular economy in Izmir, we have launched a comprehensive program that commences in rural regions and extends to urban areas, including streets, parks, public facilities, and ultimately, households. This initiative aims to repurpose the waste produced in Izmir as a valuable resource for our economy. Through the İzDönüşüm (IzTransformation) project initiated by our municipal company IzDoğa, we are commencing the process of waste separation at its origin within our city.

In the contemporary world, where the majority of the population resides in urban areas, and this trend continues to grow, urban transportation stands as one of our paramount responsibilities. We recognize that no matter how much prosperity we achieve, without a strong transportation infrastructure, achieving an equitable distribution of that prosperity remains unattainable. In this direction, we carried out one of the revolutionary works and implemented the cooperative model in which the producer can manage himself. Through this approach, we successfully integrated the neighboring districts into the public transportation network, complementing the city's bus services. Over the course of four years, every mode of transportation in Izmir has undergone renewal. With these vehicles, we now possess a fleet that is in line with the principles of environmental harmony and embraces the essence of transformation.

Our revolutionary investments in rail systems stand as a testament to our commitment to ensuring equitable prosperity for Izmir. With the Narlıdere Metro, which began at 12% completion, we have now reached an impressive 96%. As promised, we are set to complete the metro line and make it available to our citizens in the 100th year of the Republic. Simultaneously, we have laid the foundation for the Buca Metro, Izmir's most extensive rail system investment, funded by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, and promptly initiated construction efforts. The Çiğli Tramway, set to be inaugurated in 2023, is now 93% complete. We stated our intention to create an extensive rail network in Izmir, and we have delivered on that commitment, advancing step by step, even in the face of the pandemic and economic challenges.

In order to equitably distribute prosperity to our artisans and citizens in Izmir, we have introduced a groundbreaking initiative. It is the Izmir City Card, implemented by Izmir Innovation and Technology Inc., a company of our municipality, IZTEK. This innovative card not only facilitates public transportation for Izmir residents but also acts as a "mobile wallet" functioning on the same principles as standard bank cards. With this card, our citizens have the capability to handle all their expenses, including municipal services, online shopping, and money transfers, even on a global scale.

We are making significant progress in our efforts to boost Izmir's prosperity and ensure equitable distribution through our expanded range of social services. Recognizing the profound impact of the escalating economic crisis on all our citizens, we have swiftly enhanced the social aid provided to the people of Izmir in order to alleviate this hardship.

One of the highly valuable initiatives we have undertaken in Izmir, driven by a collaborative spirit, is the People's Bread Project (Halk Ekmek Projesi). Through this endeavor, we have taken a substantial stride in aiding not only our fellow citizens grappling with financial difficulties but also the artisan bakers experiencing similar challenges. A notable proportion of the bread produced within the framework of this project was baked in the ovens of Izmir's skilled craftsmen.

The efforts led by our "Immediate Solution Team" in ensuring a fair distribution of Izmir's prosperity hold immense significance. Through this team, we attentively address the concerns of every citizen, spanning from the central areas of Izmir to its farthest reaches, offering prompt resolutions. This establishes a direct channel of communication between the residents of Izmir and the Municipality, eradicating any division between "them" and "us".

Combating poverty is one of our foremost priorities in increasing Izmir's prosperity and ensuring fair distribution. Through our established "Fairy Tale Houses (Masal Evleri)" dedicated to this purpose, we not only facilitate the healthy development of our children but also promote employment for women through various vocational courses. Our goal is to increase the number of "Fairy Tale Houses" throughout Izmir to 25.