Izmir Metropolitan Municipality put the Martyrs’ Relatives and Veterans Guesthouse into service. Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that they will not forget the sacrifices made by martyrs and veterans for this country and said, “No matter what we do for you, it seems insufficient.” “We will work to make our martyrs worthy of their cherished memory,” he said.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer opened the Martyrs’ Relatives and Veterans Guesthouse, which was put into service in Kemeraltı. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, his wife Neptün Soyer, Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats, representatives of political parties, associations, and chambers attended the opening ceremony of the guesthouse, which was put into operation with the work of the Martyrs’ Relatives and Veterans Branch Directorate under the Social Services Department of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Headmen, relatives of martyrs, and veterans attended.

We will not forget this sacrifice; we will not let it be forgotten.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mayor Tunç Soyer talked about the work carried out by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for the relatives of martyrs and veterans. Stated that they established the Martyrs’ Relatives and Veterans Branch Directorate in September 2021 and that after this directorate, which serves in line with the demands from martyrs’ relatives and veterans, they opened a local in Kemeraltı, which will be a meeting point for martyrs’ relatives and veterans, Soyer said, "We are now opening a guesthouse to host your relatives who will be coming from out of town. We feel that whatever we do for you is not enough. As they say, some of us gave speeches, some of us fought and struggled, even at the cost of our lives, for this homeland. You have left us with a precious homeland. We know that a nation disconnected from its roots cannot have a future. Those roots are alive thanks to your sacrifices. The most precious legacy we will carry into the future is the struggle you have given and the marks you bear today. The pain you have endured from the loss of your loved ones is a treasure we will never forget and never let others forget. I promise you this. We are determined. We will do even better to the end." he said. Mayor Soyer toured the guesthouse after his speech.

Guesthouse in Kemeraltı in Kestelli area

Martyr Relatives and Veterans Guesthouse is located on 422 Street, also known as “Arap Fırını,” which is connected to Kestelli Street in Kemeraltı. A historical building, estimated to have been built in the late 19th century, was used as a residence until recently. The architectural projects of the building, which was purchased by TARKEM in 2019, were drawn by ÖGET Architecture. The building consists of a basement and two floors above.


Soyer: “It's the least we can do for you”

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