Izmir Metropolitan Municipality held a rally-like ceremony in Cumhuriyet Square. Speaking at the mass opening and groundbreaking ceremony of a significant portion of the 28 billion lira infrastructure investments of IZSU General Directorate, including ongoing and future investments, Mayor Soyer said, "Our first word, our last word and our last breath is Izmir! Are you prepared to take our journey one step forward with me?  Together, we will safeguard and enhance our principles, strive for new achievements – are you ready to work together?"

The Grand Infrastructure Investments Mass Opening and Groundbreaking Ceremony organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality IZSU General Directorate was held in Cumhuriyet Square. Mayor Tunç Soyer announced IZSU's investments and projects amounting to 28 billion liras to the public at a ceremony attended by thousands of people. CHP Deputy Chairman Murat Bakan, CHP Izmir Provincial Chairman Şenol Aslanoğlu, district mayors, councillors, municipal bureaucrats, mukhtars and representatives of non-governmental organizations attended the ceremony. The banners reading 'Izmir is Tunç and Tunç will stay', 'We are always with you, Mayor' and 'Izmir with love' attracted attention. 

We not only put our hands but also our bodies under the stone
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that they put not only their hands but also their bodies under the stone in Izmir with the immense investment of 28 billion TL made by İZSU General Directorate within the scope of the great infrastructure mobilization and said, "We have engraved our services in golden letters in the 156-year history of municipalism of Izmir. We promised, we did. Today, we are together to celebrate these accomplishments together. We are here to mark in history the dazzling point reached by the investments of our General Directorate of IZSU amounting to 28 billion liras." 

We rolled up our sleeves to secure a safe life
Stating that for 5 years, they have gathered to make visible the sweat of the invisible heroes and laborers who have built thousands of kilometers of lines, and to thank them, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer said, "In the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we have achieved great things, each of which is a revolution. 300 kilometers of storm water separation lines, 3200 kilometers of drinking water lines, 1400 kilometers of sewerage lines, 3 advanced biological wastewater treatment plants, 8 package wastewater treatment plants, capacity increase in 2 wastewater treatment plants, 5 drinking water treatment plants, 11 package drinking water treatment plants, capacity increase in 1 drinking water treatment plant and permanent solutions we produced with direct interventions at 200 points as a precaution against excessive rainfall. All these are the services we provide for the security of life and property of Izmir residents." 

We secured the next 50 years of Izmir
Explaining that one of the main reasons for the pollution and odor problem in the Gulf is the so-called combined system, Mayor Tunç Soyer said, "Until 2019, 600 kilometers of rainwater canals had been built throughout Izmir's history. We have built 300 kilometers of new canals in just four years. By 2024, this figure will reach at least 400 kilometers. Now, Izmir's wastewater flows to treatment plants and rainwater flows directly into the Gulf without any pollution. By preventing rainwater from reaching the treatment plants, we have both reduced operating costs and extended the life of the plants. Izmir's odor problem is now a thing of the past. To achieve this, we have healed the wound that has been constantly covered with tape until today and that bleeds again every time it rains. With an investment of 7 billion TL, we have established a system that will work even when today's young people have grandchildren. We have secured the next 50 years of Izmir."

We went beyond imagination
Emphasizing that they are carrying out an infrastructure project of historical importance in Buca, one of the critical points of the city, within the scope of the Great Storm Water Separation Project, Mayor Soyer said, "Today, we will open the 300th kilometer of storm water separation lines together. The rainwater separation line investments we have made in 30 districts across Izmir until today directly affect the Gulf. It means that the Gulf of Izmir will be blue and sparkling again. It means Izmir's welfare will increase. It means the realization of Izmir's 50-year dream. This dream is to make Izmir Bay swimmable again. With the work we have done in the last 5 years, the results of the analysis show that we have gone far beyond imagination on this issue." 

We brought the pollution in the gulf under siege
Providing information about the Living Bay Program implemented with a record investment of 11 billion 95 million TL, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer said, "We started the revision of Çiğli Wastewater Treatment Plant. In our plant, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd phases were working with low efficiency. With the 250 million TL revision project, we significantly increased the efficiency of the plant. The construction of the fourth phase units, which will further expand the Çiğli Treatment Plant, is underway. Thus, we are increasing the total treatment capacity of our plant to 820 thousand cubic meters. In this context, we are also increasing the capacity of our Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant to 56 thousand cubic meters. Thanks to the capacity increase, the domestic wastewater of the entire Narlıdere district will be treated at the Güneybatı Wastewater Treatment Plant in Güzelbahçe instead of the Çiğli Wastewater Treatment Plant. We have started preparations for the establishment of a wastewater treatment plant in Karabağlar district. This facility will be Izmir's first underground treatment plant and will operate with a capacity of 100 thousand cubic meters. From now on, the domestic wastewater of all Gaziemir and Buca districts and a large part of Karabağlar district will be treated in our Karabağlar wastewater treatment plant instead of Çiğli Wastewater Treatment Plant. Another feature of this 850 million TL project, which we will complete in 2026, is that it is an integral part of EXPO 2026. We will create a water source for Yeşildere by discharging the wastewater treated at the plant into Meles Stream. This will create an ecological corridor in the city center. The third pillar of our Living Bay Program is to manage the post-treatment process. As part of this work, we are rehabilitating the sludge storage areas around our Çiğli Treatment Plant, one of the main sources of odor. We are revising and increasing the capacity of the sludge digestion and drying units of the plant. We have also realized our diversion canal project, which is Türkiye’s largest ecological restoration project, in this direction. In this way, treated fresh water will not be poured into the inner gulf. Instead, it will give life to the old bed of the Gediz River. In addition to all these, we are installing a recycling unit with a capacity of 200 thousand cubic meters per day at the outlet of the Çiğli Waste Water Treatment Plant, making wastewater suitable for agricultural and urban use. This major investment of 1 billion TL is also vital for the ecological restoration of the bay shores and the repopulation of the fish population. In order to prevent the odor problem caused by shallowing in the Gulf, we are eliminating the sewage brought by the streams. We have taken the pollution in the Gulf under siege from the shore, land and sea. In the presence of you, I promise once again that the days when we will swim in this beautiful Gulf are very close." 

Stage 2 of Torbalı Wastewater Treatment Plant is completed
Stating that in 5 years, they have brought 3 new wastewater treatment plants and 8 new package wastewater treatment plants to Izmir with a huge investment of 974 million 520 thousand TL, Mayor Tunç Soyer said, "We have increased the capacity of our 3 wastewater treatment plants. We put into service our Foça Gerenköy Mordoğan and Kemalpaşa Ulucak Wastewater Treatment Plants, which operate with Advanced Biological Technology and treat at European standards. We did not allow wastewater to pollute Izmir's sea, rivers, and soil. We established package treatment plants in Urla Özbek, Buca Vegetable and Fruit Market, Buca Fish Market, Aliağa Çıtak, Bergama Süleymanlı, Torbalı Karakuyu, Çeşme Toki, Bergama Yukarıbey. We are increasing the capacities of Torbalı, Ayrancılar Yazıbaşı and Çiğli Wastewater Treatment Plants. With an investment of 4 billion 187 million liras, we have built 1400 kilometers of sewerage lines that will ensure that wastewater reaches our plants. And on this historic day, I would like to give you the good news that we have completed the construction of the 2nd stage of the Torbalı Wastewater Treatment Plant and will soon put it into service by completing the mechanical assembly."

We delivered uninterrupted, healthy drinking water to the citizens
Mayor Soyer, upon taking office, pledged to provide potable tap water to 30 districts in the city. After 5 years, he announced the successful accomplishment of delivering uninterrupted and healthy drinking water to 4.5 million citizens. A substantial investment of 4.228 billion TL was dedicated to completing 3,200 kilometers of drinking water lines, equivalent to the distance between Izmir and Barcelona. In Çeşme alone, an investment of 1 billion TL was made to address inadequate and aging drinking water infrastructure, causing leaks due to the surge in population, especially during the summer. Notably, the 1st Stage Drinking Water Line Project in Çeşme covered 200 kilometers, the 2nd Stage comprised 372 kilometers, and the ongoing 3rd Stage spans 350 kilometers. The district of Menemen, experiencing rapid population growth, received attention in infrastructure development, witnessing the construction of 63 kilometers of new drinking water networks with a 70 million TL investment. Mayor Soyer emphasized that significant groundbreaking projects are underway in Menemen, marking a revolutionary step in their development.

Immense infrastructure investment in Kemeraltı
Mayor Tunç Soyer announced that İZSU is rapidly advancing in the development of applications to enhance citizens' lives, thereby increasing its corporate service capacity. He highlighted the ongoing 3 billion TL investment, stating that alongside completed substantial investments, the city is starting to see the returns this year. Notable projects include three new wastewater treatment plants (with a 982 million TL investment), two renewable energy projects (571 million TL), 51 kilometers of wastewater network lines (466 million TL), and 374 kilometers of drinking water lines (867 million TL). Furthermore, 17 new package wastewater treatment plants will be commissioned in locations such as Ödemiş Kaymakçı, Sekiköy, Pirinççi, Çamlıca, Tire Işıklar, Karateke, Kiraz Kaleköy, Bergama, and Zeytindağ by the end of February, with the remaining 23 to be operational by year-end.


Mayor Soyer also emphasized the completion of the 2nd and 3rd phases of infrastructure and superstructure renovation in the Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar, a cherished part of the city. The aim is to have Kemeraltı listed on the UNESCO Permanent List with its renewed infrastructure and superstructure. The project involves integrating the historical texture of Kemeraltı, the world's largest open-air bazaar with 2500 years of history, which has remained untouched for 80 years. Looking ahead to 2024, the plan includes the implementation of 590 kilometers of drinking water lines, 233 kilometers of wastewater lines, 100 kilometers of rainwater separation lines, 97 new drinking water boreholes, capacity increases in three wastewater treatment plants, and the establishment of six new wastewater treatment plants to build upon the city's existing investments.

I fought for the future of 4.5 million Izmirites not to be stolen
Sharing another good news with Izmir residents, Mayor Soyer said, "None of the giant steps we have taken for Izmir Bay will ever be affected by the inflation and economic crisis we are experiencing. We have brought 405 million euros, i.e. 13 billion worth of international investment financing to Izmir just for the cleaning of the Gulf." 

Mayor Soyer continued his speech as follows:

"Let me tell you what these services mean. The pollution ordeal of the Gulf will end. Our children, youth and we will swim in this bay again. It is very close. Believe me, this is not a dream. Because Izmir deserves the best and the most beautiful. For 5 years, I have worked for Izmir with all my heart and love. I have fought so that the future of 4.5 million Izmirites would not be stolen. On the one hand, I tried to solve all the issues of the past that were swept under the carpet, and on the other hand, I tried to disrupt the game of those who see this city as a booty. I fought with the rentiers who covet our paradise city, especially Çeşme. Because we take our strength from the pure-hearted people of our beautiful Izmir. We walk in the path of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Izmir is the most powerful stronghold of democracy, enriched with many voices, many colors, many breaths, always determining its own destiny. This city will continue to rise with its own strength and stand with the resistance of its people. Our first word, our last word and our last breath is Izmir! Are you prepared to take our journey one step forward with me?  Together, we will safeguard and enhance our principles, strive for new achievements – are you ready to work together?"

Projects inaugurated by IZSU General Directorate (11 Billion TL)
- 3200 kilometers of drinking water lines, 
- 1400 kilometers of sewer lines, 
- 300 kilometers of rainwater separation lines
- 3 new wastewater treatment plants (Foça Gerenköy, Mordoğan, Kemalpaşa Ulucak)
- 8 new package wastewater treatment plants (Urla Özbek, Buca Vegetable and Fruit Hali, Buca Fish Hali, Aliağa Çıtak, Bergama Süleymanlı, Torbalı Karakuyu, Çeşme Toki, Bergama Yukarıbey) 
- Capacity increase in 3 wastewater treatment plants (Torbalı, Ayrancılar Yazıbaşı, Çiğli WWTP 4th Phase 2nd Supply Construction)
- 5 new drinking water treatment plants (Foça Musabey, Bornova Karaçam Pond, Dikili Çandarlı Pond, Karaburun Mordoğan Pond, Bornova Kavaklıdere)
- 11 new package drinking water treatment plants (Bayındır Gaziler, Bergama Örenli, Dikili Deliktaş-Demirtaş, Dikili Salihler Kıratlı, Bergama Gaylan-Armağanlar, Kemalpaşa Kızılüzüm, Ödemiş Köseler, Seferihisar Beyler, Tire Ortaköy Yemişler, Kınık District Center, Kiraz District Center)
- 1 capacity increase in drinking water treatment plant (Halkapınar)

Projects under construction (3 billion TL)
Three new wastewater treatment plants are being constructed with an investment of 982 million TL, along with two renewable energy projects receiving an investment of 571 million TL. Additionally, ongoing construction includes 51 kilometers of wastewater network lines with a financial commitment of 466 million TL, and 374 kilometers of drinking water lines, supported by an investment of 867 million TL.

To be built (14 billion TL)
A comprehensive infrastructure plan includes the implementation of 590 kilometers of drinking water lines, 233 kilometers of wastewater lines, 100 kilometers of rainwater separation lines, drilling of 97 new drinking water boreholes, establishment of six new wastewater treatment plants, capacity expansion in three existing wastewater treatment plants, and the installation of 40 new package wastewater treatment plants.


Our first word, our last word and our last breath is Izmir!

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