The 101st anniversary of Izmir's liberation from enemy occupation was celebrated with events that lasted all day. The September 9 enthusiasm that spilled into the night reached its peak with the Lantern Procession that lasted from Cumhuriyet Square to Kültürpark Lausanne Gate. President Tunç Soyer, while greeting the excited people of Izmir who were enjoying the Tan Taşçı concert at Kültürpark, said, "Beautiful people of beautiful Izmir, September 9 and Izmir are our honor, our integrity. We will stand by September 9 and Izmir until our last breath."

The 101st anniversary of Izmir's liberation was once again marked by enthusiastic celebrations this year. The events hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continued all day. To the Lantern Regiment march organized within the scope of the program, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, Konak Municipality Mayor Abdül Batur, CHP Izmir Provincial Deputy Chairman Münir Sirhan Özen, political party representatives, bureaucrats, and Izmir residents attended. During the march, which started from Cumhuriyet Square at 20.15, accompanied by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Band, the people of Izmir walked to Lausanne Square with Turkish flags in their hands. Mayor Tunç Soyer greeted the citizens who joined in the excitement from balconies and outside the procession.

Soyer: “I love you all very much”
The enthusiasm continued at the Kültürpark Grass Area with a concert by Tan Taşçı. The evening, which began with the Izmir March, was described by Mayor Soyer as follows: "September 9, Izmir's liberation, the last day of the war, the first day of peace. If we have lived in peace for 100 years, it all began on September 9. Izmir is the city of liberation and establishment. Izmir is the strongest guardian of the republic and democracy. In the mountains of Izmir, flowers bloom, and in this geography that has lost its joy and cheer, Izmir is an antidepressant, a remedy, a vitamin. September 9 and Izmir are our honor, our integrity. We will stand by September 9 and Izmir until our last breath. I love you all very much; tonight is a wonderful night." Mayor Soyer presented Tan Taşçı with an olive tree sapling as a gift.



Soyer: We will protect Izmir and September 9 until our last breath

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