The publication of the Congress for Future's Economy book, held from March 15 to 21, 2023, by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, has been announced. Mayor Tunç Soyer emphasized, "This book, encompassing all the congress presentations, holds highly significant findings and recommendations for a life in harmony with each other, our nature, our past, and change. The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Izmir Planning Agency will diligently adhere to every resolution made during the congress."

The publication capturing all the speeches and presentations from the week-long Congress, conducted at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Centre (AASSM) from March 15 to 21, 2023, is now available.

The book detailing the entire journey of the  congress, covering the entire preparation process, has been published by the Izmir Planning Agency (IZPA) under the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. It is accessible at “iktisatkongresi.org”.

The book includes 80 speeches and presentations

The publication of the Congress for Future’s Economy book, advocating for the collective effort of all of Türkiye to shape the future under the banner of "Call for Renewal," commences with participant lists, the preparatory phase, and the congress schedule. The book proceeds with an introduction by Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer and encompasses all the speeches and presentations from the event held between March 15 and 21, 2023.

The digital version of the book, featuring speeches from 80 experts across diverse professional fields including academics, economists, politicians, scientists, union and cooperative leaders, historians, writers, and artists, is available for online access at “iktisatkongresi.org”. Readers can also access a supplementary booklet that compiles all the resolutions made during the congress.

The publication on the Congress for Future's Economy incorporates presentations from several globally recognized figures, including Prof. Dr. Andrew McAfee, Sir Bob Geldof, Prof. Dr. Francis Fukuyama, architect Hiroyuki Unemori, Prof. Dr. Ian Goldin, Joschka Fischer, Prof. Dr. Michio Kaku, and Prof. Dr. Vandana Shiva.

The Congress brought together hundreds of different groups

Starting from August 2022, the preparatory phase involved a series of nine sectoral group meetings engaging farmers, workers, industrialists, traders, and artisans. Subsequently, over 150 experts played a role in shaping decisions through their contributions in four expert meetings titled "Embracing Each Other," "Rejoining Nature," "Perceiving History," and "Shaping Future."

The deliberations from both sectoral groups and expert meetings underwent assessment in three distinct high advisory board sessions. In addition to the Youth Forum and Women's Forum, Workshops centered on Children, Street Economics, and Education were conducted as integral components of the Congress preparations. The outcomes derived from all these endeavors played a pivotal role in shaping the final declaration.

Following eight months of thorough preparation, the conclusive declaration, consolidating the outcomes of all the efforts, was submitted for delegate voting. Out of the 211 items in the final declaration, 27 were subject to approval with annotations, while the remaining were unanimously agreed upon.

"It is an invitation from Izmir to all of Turkey and the world"

Mayor Tunç Soyer of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality emphasized that the Congress for Future’s Economy, characterized as a movement rooted in common sense and conscience, was crafted as a civic, transparent, and fully participatory initiative. Soyer stated, "Eight months of preparatory work were conducted based on these principles. The Congress for Future's Economy, occurring at a time of profound ecological, economic, and social crises testing the world, serves as an invitation from Izmir to both Türkiye and the world. Our congress is a call for a total renewal for humanity. The book, encompassing all the presentations from the congress, holds immensely crucial findings and recommendations for living in harmony with each other, nature, the past, and change. The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Izmir Planning Agency will persist in monitoring every decision made at the congress and regularly assess the implementation of these decisions. Once again, our gratitude extends to everyone involved in the Congress for Future's Economy, marking a historic, universally significant initiative originating from Izmir."

The final declaration of the Congress for Future’s Economy can be found here.



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