Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council hosted a historical session on the 100th anniversary of the Republic. In the parliament, where slogans of “Long live the Republic” were chanted, a promise was made to carry the values ​​of the Republic into the future. At the 100th Anniversary Special Session, Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “No one can turn us back from the hundred-year Republic journey. This great assembly is itself the greatest guarantee of our Republic. It is the strongest step we can take is to celebrate and keep him alive. Long live democracy and peace. “Long live the Republic of Türkiye,” he said.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council convened with a special agenda in honor of Turkey’s 100th anniversary, with the participation of Youth Municipality and Children’s Municipality members. In this historic session, where all the seats in the parliament hall were filled, district mayors, representatives of non-governmental organizations, neighborhood heads, children, and young people shouted “Long live the Republic” in unison. The assembly, where representatives from all walks of life took the floor, remembered 100 years ago. He promised to protect the Republic.

This is how we won the Republic

Explaining how the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk decided to establish the Republic, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “I cannot describe in words the honor I feel to be together with the Children’s Municipality, the Youth Municipality, and the valuable council members of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality elected by the votes of our people in this special session. This picture is the picture of the Republic. This picture is of democracy, the rule of law, and our unity in diversity. And us. If we have a place in this picture today, we owe it to our ancestors who sacrificed their lives for us a century ago, shielded their chests from bullets, and established the Republic despite all impossibilities. I bow with respect and gratitude to the cherished memory of each of them, especially our great leader, Mustafa Kemal. I promise you. The Republic will survive as long as we breathe. We, the people of Izmir, the people of a city that was occupied for three and a half years during the struggle for independence, know very well the value and meaning of the Republic. The establishment of the Republic not only showed the whole world that sovereignty in these lands is in the hands of the nation unconditionally. The Republic of Turkey, which gained its independence as a result of the struggle for independence, became a source of inspiration to all oppressed nations. “It is impossible under no circumstances not to commemorate this work of humanity, whose impact reaches far beyond its geography, on its 100th anniversary,” he said.

The greatest legacy is the Republic

Reminding that the Republic is the shelter of the outcast, Mayor Soyer said, “This is why we established Izmir’s Children’s Municipality and Youth Municipality. That’s why our City Council and its assemblies are our guide. For this reason, each headman of Izmir is the most valuable guide to me and the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Women are one of the main carriers of our republican civilization. We need equality between women and men in every aspect of the social division of labor. Because systems where women are not equal are bound to collapse sooner or later, and societies that do not respect women’s rights are bound to collapse sooner or later. We are working with all our strength to remove all obstacles for the women of Izmir. We tremble over their rightful demand for equality. Ultimately, the Republic is a mobilization for economic independence. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk designed two basic strategies to build the Republic. The first is salvation, and the second is the establishment strategy. He determined the path to the establishment, that is, to economic independence, at the Economic Congress in Izmir, together with farmers, workers, industrialists, and merchants from all regions of the country. “In my opinion, the favor shown by the undisputed most powerful leader of his age to the common mind and common conscience is the greatest legacy that has come down from these historical events to the present day,” he said.

Long live democracy and peace. Long live the Republic of Türkiye forever

Mayor Soyer said, “The future is not waited for; it is built. Dear members of our Children’s Municipality and Youth Municipality, you are the ones who will build the future. This city relies on you to build a better future. Don’t just do what you’re told or wait for the day you vote to decide your fate. Always be in life. Let your voice be heard, and your colors be seen. Let your will shape the future. As long as I hold this position, I will continue to work with all my strength to remove obstacles to you and increase your opportunities. It’s a great honor to be with you today. In this parliament, we represent our Republic as well as the political parties we belong to and our people. The Republic is entrusted to us by our people. Republic is the rule of law. It is the guarantee of women’s freedom. It is respect for all of our ways of life. It is equal opportunity. Republic is the concept we need most in the world today. It means ‘Peace at home, peace in the world.’ The Republic is to be a society that establishes civilizations. It is to understand the spirit of the past and direct the spirit of the future. We have values ​​that unite us rather than the reasons that separate us from each other. The Republic is to protect these values. It is to keep them alive without making any compromises. We will achieve this with 86 million people, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, with great enthusiasm and determination. This great need may have arisen in a very dishonorable nature. There may be those who seek help from our polarization. None of these can deter us. No one can turn us back from the hundred-year Republic journey. This great assembly is itself the greatest guarantee of our Republic. It is the strongest step we can take to celebrate and keep him alive. Long live democracy and peace. “Long live the Republic of Türkiye forever,” he said.

Representatives who spoke at the Special Session of the Parliament stated the following:

Izmir Children’s Municipality Spokesperson Yağız Cemal Demir:

 “Republic means independence, freedom, and equality. The conscience of the Republic demands free generations. I wish for a Second Century of unity and solidarity, where there are no child laborers and child brides, where women and mothers are not killed, and where children can play safely in the light of Ataturk’s principles and reforms. I promise that I will not deviate from the path of our great leader.”

Youth Municipality Mayor Kaan Levent Bozdağ:

“On October 26, a 22-year-old young friend of ours lost his life in a grave incident, which was stated to be an accident, at the Credit and Dormitories Institution right next to us in Aydın. The Republic will exist, but how much will we be able to underpin it? The generations before us have positions and positions, but we cannot see our future. The course of the Republic will be clear as a result of the path we will follow. We want you to understand us. I don’t want to be a young person who is only postponed until tomorrow. The Republic has been standing strong for 100 years. Hope and youth are synonymous words. “We will fulfill our responsibility as trustees of the Republic.”

Izmir City Council Children’s Council President Emek Devrim Günay:

“You established the Republic; we are the ones who will raise it.”

Izmir City Council Youth Assembly President İsmail Ferhat Kaplan:

“I cannot describe the value of speaking today as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic. A reflection of the Republic is youth. The heroes of these lands brought us back to our homeland. We will not wait for a savior, as Atatürk taught. We will all work together to glorify the Republic. Izmir became a European Youth Capital finalist as a result of its young people working with the Metropolitan Municipality. We want to build a Turkey where young people are empowered.”


Izmir City Council Disabled Assembly President Ramazan Kaymaz:

“Republic is a form of government based on democracy and the rule of law. “The Republic is the shelter of the outcast.”

Izmir City Council Women’s Council President Canan Aydemir Özkara:

“I am proud to speak at the parliament held 100 years later in Izmir, where the foundations of the economic development war were laid. Incidents of violence and harassment against women are increasing day by day. Poverty and war hit women first. We are often exposed to gender inequality. A fair country is essential for social development to be achieved. We women decide for ourselves how many children we will give birth to and when we will laugh. First of all, we respect the Constitution. Wishing for a second century of fairness and justice.”

Izmir City Council President Nilay Kökkılınç:

“There is no need for many words to explain the value of civil society. Unquestionably, non-governmental organizations are indispensable for the Republic. The Republic is not a passenger arriving at our homeland; the Republic is our most valuable asset, our future. “We consider it our goal to put our hands under the responsibility to carry the Republic, to which we are loyal, to many more centuries.”

MHP Group Deputy Chairman Cüneyt Umutlu:

“We are living a day that cannot be described in words.”

IYI Party Group Deputy Chairman Kemal Sevinç:

“My father, we will neither give up on you nor your work. Happy 100th anniversary of the Republic, which is the guarantee of living freely and brotherly in these lands.”

AKP Group Deputy Chairman Özgür Hızal:

“I will give the most exciting speech I have ever made. I am honored to be a Metropolitan Municipality Council member. The Republic was entrusted to us 100 years ago by the great leader Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his friends. This Republic has been entrusted to all of us. “We will fight with all our strength to carry our Republic into the second and third centuries.”

CHP Group Deputy Chairman Murat Aydin:

“What a beautiful hall. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council is having its best day. Republic means reason, science, and equal citizenship. Republic means complete independence. Republic means the Great Atatürk. We will never give up on the Republic and the values ​​it represents. We swear that we will continue to walk continuously towards the goal he showed on the path paved by the Great Atatürk.”


Republic forever!

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