The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, in line with the words of the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, "Every Factory is a Fortress," has established another factory for small-scale producers. Speaking at the Olive Oil Factory opening ceremony in Bergama Bozköy District, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer stated, "We will continue to work for you. We will consider it as the top priority of the Metropolitan Municipality. The essential thing is your smile, happiness, and peace. We are doing it, and we will do better, more."

Following the Bayındır Dairy Factory, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has established a new factory for small-scale producers. With the vision of "Another Agriculture is Possible" by Mayor Tunç Soyer, who supports small-scale producers, the Olive Oil Factory was opened in Bergama Bozköy. After the opening, Mayor Soyer and his accompanying delegation toured the factory, and olive seedlings were distributed to the people of Bozköy. The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has distributed over 2 million olive seedlings in the region over 4.5 years.

Soyer: "We are here to alleviate your grievances."
Speaking at the opening, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said, "Why is the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality dealing with cooperatives? Why is it distributing small and large livestock, buying your milk? Have you ever thought about it? There is a ministry, but our priority is supporting you with the Metropolitan Law. We could not allow your impoverishment and the abandonment of your villages. That's why we are here. The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is here to alleviate your grievances."

"We do not allow your impoverishment"
Emphasizing the importance of a villager being satisfied with their birthplace, Mayor Tunç Soyer said, "If a villager is not satisfied with where they were born, then your children, grandchildren, and brothers migrate to the city and look for jobs in various places. Either they join the army of the unemployed or become cheap labor. If they stayed in their village, they could earn a living for their family with the money they earned from the olives they pressed. Why should they go to the city? If their stomachs are full and they can make a living for their family with the money from the olives they pressed, why should they go to the city? The system we live in wants your children to be unemployed, to be cheap labor. That's why it doesn't care about your satisfaction with where you were born. It establishes its wealth through our impoverishment. That's why we don't allow this; we are opening this factory."

"We will do better and more"

Stating that they have prioritized agricultural activities after the Metropolitan Law, Mayor Tunç Soyer said, "We will continue to work for you. We will consider it as the top priority of the Metropolitan Municipality. The essential things are your smile, happiness, and peace. If we cannot provide this, we accept that we are not doing our duty as the Metropolitan Municipality. We will do better and more. If the system gets on track, villagers and city dwellers will be happy. But someone is not happy about it. Thirty million people are trying to make a living below the minimum wage. This poverty is not due to the inadequacy of our resources or the game of external forces. Someone is making serious gains from our backs. That's why we don't allow this; we are opening this factory."

"We are making the 'Currency-Protected Villager Account' and 'Farmer Account'"

Ensuring full support to the villagers, Soyer said, "There is something called the Currency-Protected Deposit Account. Some protect their money even if the foreign exchange rate rises. They created a system to protect the money of the rich. The Currency-Protected Deposit Account... We are making the 'Currency-Protected Villager Account' and 'Farmer Account.' We will protect you until the end. We will not let the exchange rate and inflation crush you. We will be the defenders of your rights. We will stand by your sweat, your village, and your homeland to the end."

Neptun Soyer: "Democracy is one of the values we must protect the most"
Neptun Soyer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Izmir Village-Coop Union, reminded that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer set out 4.5 years ago in the election campaign with long-term goals such as enlarging the prosperity of Izmir and ensuring its fair distribution. Neptun Soyer said, "He promised us, 'I promise you democracy.' Democracy has been given to us." Quoting excerpts from Mayor Tunç Soyer's booklet "The Future of Turkey is Izmir," Neptun Soyer said, "He promised us economic democracy that Bülent Ecevit had discussed since the 1970s. Today, this factory shows how equal sharing and the economy can be crowned with democracy. Economic democracy organizes the people's power and turns them into economic entrepreneurs. It ensures the spread of prosperity by considering the people as the production subject. Ecological democracy means renewing the definition of democracy without excluding nature. Anyone can become rich, but it will be what makes the country rich by distributing this income equally with democracy. Neptun Soyer said, "We have started implementing a local development policy that extends from rural areas to Izmir Port with common sense. In this context, agriculture, tourism, service, industry, export, and energy sectors are supported with an understanding that reveals our core values and adds value to them. All these efforts are carried out under 'Economic Democracy.' We promised not to make one person rich but to increase prosperity by providing democracy with the people's economy. Thank you for fulfilling your promise with the opening of the factory. Democracy is one of the values we must protect the most for nature, democracy, and our children's future."

Sezer: "The works Soyer has done are commendable"
Muharrem Sezer, Chairman of the Bozköy Agricultural Development Cooperative, said, "Today I am thrilled, delighted, and cannot contain myself. Thank you, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Mayor Tunç Soyer. The services and major investments made by Mayor Tunç Soyer are commendable. I am very excited. There are wonderful works with Soyer's contributions; all of them are great works. Today, you honored me, accepted my invitation, and made me proud."

Producer Suzan Sezer also thanked Mayor Tunç Soyer for his support and said, "I hope our factory brings blessing to our village."




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