Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which launched the Izmir Children's Municipality, which will include children living in the city in local government mechanisms, signed a protocol with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). Mayor Tunç Soyer, who signed the protocol, which has many purposes such as supporting gender equality in urban life and ensuring equal rights in life for children, youth, and all disadvantaged communities, stated, “These studies will be very beneficial for the future of children. "I am very happy that the agreement has been signed."

The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, in line with the child-friendly city goal of Mayor Tunç Soyer, has implemented the Children's Municipality to empower children with an active citizenship foundation and enable them to have a greater say in local governance. The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has signed a protocol with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) to support gender equality and implement initiatives that provide equal right to life for children, youth, and disadvantaged communities. The signing ceremony of the protocol, which includes efforts to support gender equality and ensure equal living rights for children, youth, and disadvantaged communities, was attended by Mayor Tunç Soyer, UNICEF Turkey Representative Paolo Marchi, UNICEF Turkey Program Specialist Gökçen Yılmaz Tokgöz, UNICEF Turkey Social Policy Responsible Görkem Güner, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Tugay, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Social Projects Department Head Anıl Kaçar, and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Children's Municipality Branch Director Uğur Özyaşar.

Soyer: "I am delighted with this agreement."
With the protocol signed between Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and UNICEF, UNICEF will collaborate closely with the Metropolitan Municipality Children's Municipality Branch Directorate. Emphasizing that their services will further expand with the protocol, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer stated, "I am very pleased to welcome you. Within the structure of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, there is the Children's Municipality Branch Directorate. We attach great importance to the issue of children. We are not only working in terms of education but also conducting various projects related to children's rights and their daily lives. These efforts will be very beneficial for the future of children. When we established the Children's Municipality Branch Directorate, we wanted to set an example for other cities in Turkey. That was our goal. During my tenure as the Mayor of Seferihisar, I had wanted to collaborate with UNICEF. I am very happy about the signing of this agreement," he said.

Marchi stated that they closely follow Izmir
Paolo Marchi, the UNICEF Representative in Turkey, mentioned that they closely monitor Izmir's Children's Municipality and acknowledged Izmir as a role model in this regard. "You are conducting very important initiatives. Especially during the earthquake on February 6th, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality organized very well. Your team is doing an excellent job. You bring together the public and private sectors to create more employment opportunities for young people," he said.

What is the purpose of the protocol?
With the studies to be conducted by 2025;

-Increasing the knowledge and skills of parents, caregivers, and those working on the front lines in providing adequate care for young girls and boys, detecting developmental delays and disabilities, and providing the necessary support.

-Increasing the capacity of the education system to provide quality and inclusive early childhood education (ECE) services.

-Earthquake response - Health and Nutrition - Adolescent Development and Participation - Child Protection.

-Increasing the capacity for relevant learning, including skills, for the most vulnerable adolescent girls and boys, including those not attending school and at risk of dropping out, as well as those at risk of child labor and child marriage.

Increasing the knowledge of families and communities, particularly those of the most at-risk adolescent girls and boys, about participatory, inclusive, and protective behaviors and practices.

-Increasing the capacity of the national social protection system to design, implement, and monitor policies and programs that respond better to the multidimensional vulnerabilities of children and families in an integrated and shock-sensitive manner.

-Increasing the capacity in the identification, prevention, reporting, and provision of integrated child protection services in the national, local, and community-based child protection field.

-Aiming to increase the capacity of relevant national and local public institutions and private sector players to use public budgets and other social investments in a child-friendly, efficient, and effective manner.


A protocol was signed with UNICEF for the child-friendly city of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

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