Mayor Tunç Soyer, while explaining the urban transformation model they are implementing in the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council, said, “We are implementing an urban transformation model that sets an example for Turkey, inspiring Turkey. This system is transparent, with a clear and open legal relationship that cannot harbor any doubts. Moreover, it eliminates land rent. We will continue to successfully carry this out to the end.”

The first session of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council for September, chaired by Mayor Tunç Soyer, was held. Speaking at the opening of the meeting, Mayor Tunç Soyer announced a record level of participation in the 92nd Izmir International Fair, which brought visitors together with various entertaining activities for ten days. He also mentioned the various events held throughout the day to celebrate the 101st anniversary of Izmir’s liberation, thanking all the residents of Izmir who participated in the programs.

“This model eliminates land rent”
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer made statements regarding the urban transformation model during the council meeting. Soyer said, “The urban transformation model we have established will serve as an example for Turkey, an urban transformation model that will inspire Turkey. Cooperative members are responsible to the cooperative management, and the cooperative management is also responsible to the cooperative members. Additionally, cooperative members are responsible for the municipality’s company, which is accountable to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. This chain of responsibility is much more transparent, clear, and open than the relationship between a contractor and a public institution, with no room for any doubts. Moreover, it eliminates land rent because everyone knows how land rent happens. But when you start urban transformation with a municipal company and engage with individual citizens as cooperative members, the square meter unit price in that area becomes an area where no one can manipulate it.”

“There is a difference of nearly 50 percent.”
Soyer compared the square meter unit prices in the areas where urban transformation is carried out using this model with those in other places in Turkey and stated, “There is a nearly 50% difference. We have introduced an urban transformation model that we can be proud of, and you will see that soon Turkey will adopt and follow. We will continue this successfully until the end.”

The comparison to the “choir” in the Parliament
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, recalling his participation in the concert of the Hatay Civilizations Choir organized to express gratitude for the assistance provided to the region after the earthquake disaster on the last day of the 92nd Izmir International Fair, said the following: “The Civilizations Choir is of extraordinary beauty. While watching them, I also thought that the choir is, in fact, a democratic practice. It’s a gathering where not individual voices but a common voice are emphasized, aiming to create a stronger and more colorful sound than a single voice. It’s a meeting where egos are limited and common interest and solidarity are brought to the forefront. The choir is, in fact, an extraordinary democratic practice. And the choir doesn’t tolerate parasites. No one says, ‘Let my voice stand out more, let my voice be heard more,’ because it disrupts that unity. It tarnishes that common beautiful sound. Let the Metropolitan Municipality’s choir be the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council. Let it be a meeting place where egos are restrained, and common interest and solidarity are emphasized.”


Soyer: We are implementing an urban transformation model that will serve as an inspiration for Turkey

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